Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Observation from Book

Many out in cyberspace are aware of the book I’ve been doing: it traces the Vedic Aryans who, in terms of  yDNA, are Hg  R-M17.  The methodology can be applied to any DNA line; so is universal in application, but unique in outcome.

In the course of researching Chapter XIV, I discovered a correlation to something which will be widely discussed over the next two years … the MATAN CALENDAR due to end in December 2012 and thus end the world, or, at least, the current cycle.  Turns out that it is based on a well know period – 270 days, 270 degrees, or, in this case, 270 cycles.  The date to concern ourselves does NOT fall in 2012 – rather it falls in 2015. (most likely, 18 February 2015).

The Mayan calendar was roughly 34 cycles from the start of the Hebrew Calendar (there is a slush involved in the conversion between those two calendars and our calendar)

However, if we focus on the Hebrew Calendar in the same terms as the Mayan – 270 cycles in, (1939) Hitler began his extermination of the Hebrews.

If you are in to astrological mysticism, be forewarned, nothing will happen in 2012 (a Presidential Election Year) but, if we assume there is meaning in these cycles,  something of significance will happen in the year following the mid-term elections.

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