Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lactose Tolerance and Hebrews

A bit a a side entry into "Grandpa Was A Deity: How a Tribal Assertion Created Modern Culture"
The SCIENCE article, "Nomadic herders left a strong genetic mark on Europeans and Asians" [], points out that "Lactose tolerance was still rare among Europeans and Asians at the end of the Bronze Age, just 2000 years ago."
Given the time-frame, and the interaction between the milk of a cow and the meat of its calf when the latter is boiled in the former, lactose tolerance adds to the scientific explanation behind the dietary law prohibiting boiling meat in meat.
(Wall around Torah made it "No meat and Milk" but that is NOT the law, as shown by Abraham having cheese and meat meals for himself and his divine guests.) 
We do discover a reality -- Lactose Tolerance existed among the original Hebrews before it spread to the broader human population ... if it had not existed, then the laws from 3300 years ago would have prohibited the drinking of milk.