Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Observations (not in “Grandpa was a Deity”, but will be in related book

Islam begins its Calendar in a year that was a DOUBLE Birthday of the World relative to: The Birth of Methuselah (symbolically links it to prevailing belief in Revelation of a Thousand Year Reign); The Birth of Joseph (The archetype Prophet of Egypt); the Birth of Miriam (emphasizing the Prophet’s concern for women, and the Prophetess of Israel).

Islam (622CE) is also keyed – both through the Hebrew and directly -- to the Babylonian Calendar.

Islam is keyed to the Exodus and the year in which Moses was Eighty (80).

Islam keyed – using the same Birthday of the World related determination – to the Greek Calendar, and, most curiously, to the beginning of the Mayan Fifth Epoch.

It is also, mathematically, possible to make a logical  connection between the year the Islamic Calendar begins and both Noah & Sarah.

There is also a Hindu Calendar connection to the Islamic Calendar which is derived from the information contained in “Grandpa was a Deity.”  This connection is necessitated because of the association to figures prominent in the Hebrew Genesis – who, themselves, are directly linked to the Math underlying the Hebrew Calendar.

MY THESIS:  ALL the prominent calendars of the ancient and modern world had a common origin.  This infers either those calendars were derived from a common design – a single calendar – or relied upon the same astronomical reference point.  Since these calendars emerged north of the Equator, that reference must be visible only in the northern hemisphere.

As I cite in “Grandpa was a Deity”, the Hg-R1a1 utilized “the Dog star” SIRIUS and Orion’s Belt for all of their astrological work.  Thus, it follows that there should be evidence that any culture which cannot be directly associated with Hg-R1a1 culture must have derived the connection independently – and then keyed their calendar to a date which specifically matched a Biblical Patriarch.

Raising the point:  What is so important?  What is so significant?  What is the astronomer’s link to those dates?  And why haven’t modern astronomers been able to identify it?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

“Grandpa was a Deity” - at Publisher

Well, my long awaited book is finally done – and at the Publisher.

At this point, “Grandpa was a Deity” has the potential for challenging the dominant Abrahamic spin-off religions.

While not the core thesis, the book does mention St. Paul – the originator of the “Gospel of Faith” (& Grace, as expanded upon by St. Augustin) – as a possible self-identified member of our Hg-R1a1 tribe.  It do posit that the Leopard had never changed his spots; he was, and remained, devoutly opposed to any gentile conversion to the Judaism, as espoused by St. Peter.  However, he was in favor of those who followed the Law naturally, or could commit fully to the Laws.

His doctrine was aimed at those who were aligned with, and would retain adherence to, the pagan faiths.  For the pagans, all he needed to do was change the name Hercules to Jesus and allow them to continue their practices and beliefs.  Thus the subsequent additions to the New Testament – the post Paulian additions – focus on Herculean mythology of a divine resurrection.  Clearly inconsistent with the beliefs of someone who identifies himself as a Hebrew among Hebrews, a Benjaminite, and a Pharisee – a strict adherent to the Laws.  However the Pharisee are also believed to hold a belief in propitiatory prayer for the dead, judgment day, intercession of saints, and merits of the martyrs – all of which are now a part of modern Christianity.

There is this element implicit in the book: The Hg-R1a1 believed in a rational universe and defined int in terms of Astronomy – something they incorporated into the Book of Genesis.  It is also something which has never been reported on – though the fact that the knowledge was in the Torah, and intrinsically incorporated therein, has become a part of many mystical doctrines ... the Kabbalists and Freemasons come immediately to mind.

Rational mind: An All Knowing, All Perfect, Omnipotent Deity who creates a world that is perfectly imperfect – due to the introduction of elements of Chaos – and which incorporates Freewill, is NOT an interventionist deity.  Such a being does not require agents to do what has been planned and the outcome of which is already know.  The Hg-R1a1 doctrine seems to be that – there are basic laws to which, when followed, will avoid the individual falling into Realm of Chaos, and therefore allow them to be part of the predetermine design outcome.  By creating a doctrine which allowed the individual to avoid the Law, under the guise of gaining salvation, Paul created a situation where they would willingly run into the  Realm of Chaos and self-destruct.  Thus Paul laid the groundwork for the Inquisitions and the Great Plagues which dominated Europe while sparing other regions where the underlying disease also existed.

Paul could not defeat Peter’s efforts to convert the gentiles.  But by joining their numbers and playing upon their inherent belief system – based on the Herculean mythology – he could redirect them into a course of behavior that they would find easier to adhere to.  That behavior would also keep them from blending into the Hebrew culture and contaminating the genetic line which scripture was so strict in developing.

Significantly, the bloodline was designed to promote intelligence among the Levites – which is part of the thesis of “Grandpa was a Deity”, and an integral element in the tracing of the genealogy which inspired the book.

– For those who are interested in tracing their own Genealogy, “Grandpa was a Deity” will provide a guide to things which may well have more meaning than one might suspect. 

– For the adoptee, especially one who might have some documents which do not seem to agree with discovered facts, “Grandpa was a Deity” is a must read.

– For those who are Hg-R1a1, you have an opportunity to learn the true significance of your ancestry and the contribution it made to Modern Society and the “Best-of-the-Best” of the world cultures – a contribution which far exceeds the simple spread of the Indo-European language.

– For those interested in Biblical Mysticism, Religion, and what is REALLY the story behind, or story told by, The Book of Genesis, “Grandpa was a Deity” is, most assuredly, a must read.

LOOK FOR “Grandpa was a Deity” COMING TO AMAZON.COM, BARNES & NOBEL and other book distributors in December.

Friday, August 5, 2011


REUTERS gets suckered by

-- distributing this article:

“Half of European men share King Tut's DNA” By Alice Baghdjian

Mon Aug 1, 2011 5:52pm GMT

Apparently, by looking at a Discovery program on King Tut, some con-artist decided he could recover the results the actual researchers could not.  The results he claimed showed Tut to be Western European … in fact, it appears that Tut shared DNA with 70% of ENGLISHMEN

… ah the days of Empire when everything revolved around the Brits… even the sun unable to set upon them kept them eternally illuminated.

FACT:  If the results were as detailed as reported by the con-artist, then they had to be obvious to those original researchers … who had direct and unfiltered access to the computers and data.  Unfortunately, the researchers claimed only two male markers could be recovered … female markers permeate every cell and so are easier to recover.

If the information is real, than the researchers falsified the results in their paper – either willingly of their own volition, or because of some coercive pressure from the Egyptian government … in either case, the professional status and qualifications of the researcher is now in question.  Their paper is invalid, as will be any other research they, or their associates, might engage in.

Obviously, if they falsified the results -- by failure to report what was clearly obvious – they probably falsified other results as well.

The alternative is that the con-artists, representing themselves to be Zurich-based DNA genealogy centre, iGENEA Scientists, have perpetrated a clear fraud … or are in the process of doing so.

Clearly the matter needs to be investigated by a credible INTERNATIONAL Scientific authority agency and the dishonest parties prosecuted, or, at the very least, barred from any further involvement in the field.