Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thoughts on Hg-G

Hg-G was also found at Ergolding. It's origins and regional associations connect it with the Black Sea and Caucasus regions.

Hypothetical: What if, in that time period, the Bavarian nobility were Hg-G?

The real query goes to the Hg of Garibald I of Bavaria ... he ties back (over 100 years) to Duke THEODON I of Bavaria.

More on Ergolding

It appears (from Isotopic examination) that the three R1b individuals were raised in the region of Ravensburg. The probable origin point would have been Wolfegg Castle.

That said, The R1b belongs to the Frankish Kings -- France & Normandy -- and have no business being there. Again, that said, the Bavarian s were reinforced by Frankish soldiers during the reign of Duke Garibald I of Bavaria (540CE). He was the second husband of Waldrada -- the widow of the Frankish/Merovingian king Theudebald.

Did Waldrada & Theudebald have a son who traveled with her from the Merovigian Court to Bavaria? If so, that sons could have been ancestor to the three men found at Ergolding. This would explain both their apparent status and their Frankish R1b DNA.

Theudebald died in 555CE. The son would have been born after 531 and before 555CE -- allowing for failure to gain throne upon his father's death, he was probably born between 550 and 555 CE. His son would have been born c.580, his grandson 610CE and the great-grandsons found at Ergolding would have been born around 635/40 CE.

The alternative is that the Ergolding remains were Frankish Troops -- based on their armor and the fact their graves were not vandalized, they were important officers -- thus nobles.

At this point, the issue is one of paper trail ... whose children go from the region around Normandy to Bravaria?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Latest on Ergolding

Shawn Sinclair (Hidden History Hour) contacted the author of the Ergolding papaer and discovered a colleague had, in fact, done the isotopic analysis to confirm the three men -- dna indicated to be two brothers and cousin -- were raised in the same geographic location.

No doubt they were close family.

Now Shawn is tracking down that location; we expect it will procide information as to the Keep or Castle where they were raised - a fact which will reveal the specific nobility to whom they were related. (We know they were not peasant or serfs. Had they been they would not have had access to, or been buried with, their armor.)

It might not seem like much - but for that R1b line it is a major find which could lead to far reaching revelations regarding the period in which Islam was first emerging and the Christian Empires were dividing between East and West.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Day, Another Bolg Radio podcast

This makes the second, with a third possible Blog Radio Podcast on Shawn Sinclair's "Hidden History Hour" podcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Sofiatemplar

We did not reach the point of importance to Shawn and the Sinclair line -- that they are Hg-Rib, Viking, and Frankish troops of antiquity.

We have great antiquity bestowed by the power and luck of the Hg-R1a search for Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. The great antiquity of the quest for the gnostic, the quest for eternal knowledge, then power of the Aryas which the underlings of ignorance have long claimed as their own -- but which is never theirs.

Pity the ignorant. They shall argue their own case for oblivion.

Love and trust. Kindness to all. But when that kindness is rebuked. DESTRUCTION! It is the Scythian way. It is the Way of the Brahman and Buddhist. It is the way of the Biblical Christ in the texts before 70CE.

It is the ancient "magic" of justice to those for whom justice is denied.

Religion! READ YOUR TEXT! Read of the heart the love the devotion to saving the innocent. Read the Koran and take it to heart -- understand that the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hamas and all those who use the Koran for Jihad are heretics -- belong to the evil forces destined to die lonely deaths.

Random thoughts emerge from then studty nand understanding of how it all camne to be and what our goal realy is.

Consider a random pattern linked to a linear progression in time and space. Consider a Random pattern and define it as perfect intent masked by the apparent radom nature of events. CONSIDER. THINK. USE YOUR MIND and ingnor the mindless emotionality derived from rhetoric and irrationality.

Christ is Herakless.

Paul set a trap -- Law or faith and any part of the law requires it all ... Greeks and Jews gain salvation ... Jews because they adhere to the law, Greeks because they follow Herakles -- the deity that is born of God and woman and who, when killed, rose to be a deity. All others are too ignorant to understand and so are cursed by Paul.