Monday, November 25, 2013

Revisit: Abraham and the Hyksos


If we begin with the Hebrew Year – birth & death for each Patriarch – can be view as it is presented in the bible.  There are 19 year cycle connections noted, but as this is only part of the chart, they are irrelevant to this discussion.   Those who are interested can read GENESIS OF GENESIS – it’s on Amazon, or your local bookstore can order it – you’ll learn about the various astronomical cycles which serve to link the patriarchs and form the structural framework for the Genesis stories/histories.

In this case, the blue indicates dates that fall into the Egyptian Hyksos Era.  Note the date link between Abram & the archaeological, or Egyptologist dates for the Hyksos.  If you have ever actually read the story of Abram’s meeting with Pharaoh, then you know that G-d spoke to Pharaoh … the G-d of Abram, not the Egyptian Ra.  They shared the same G-d, and the Hyksos Pharaoh feared Him as much as Abram did.

Joseph … who appears at the end of the Hyksos Era … is an outsider at a time when the Hyksos were reduced to being outsiders.  Joseph founds a dynasty which eventually emerges with Moses… but that is a different point in time.

For now, to understand Abram is to understand the Hyksos and what they learned from the Egyptians – and what they brought.  During the Hyksos Era, pork became taboo among the ruling elite in Egypt, and that elite learned circumcision.  Biblically the teaching is symbolically presented through HAGAR, the slave gift from Pharaoh.

Friday, November 1, 2013

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