Monday, December 8, 2014

American Birth Rate A Serious Problem

The United States birth rate dipped to 62.5 births per 1,000 women between ages 15 and 44, according to the report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  That is 10 percent lower than the birth rate in 2007, which was 69.3 per 1,000 women, and a record low since the government started tracking birth rates in 1909, when birth rate was 126.8.

Dippy numbers but they reflect the labor pool over the four decades beginning in 2025, and extending to 2065.  In 2025 the Baby-Boom generation will begin to die off, or basically be retired.

The  Baby-Boom generation covers a two decade long period which began in 1945 and extended to 1966 – as a result, it began to retire [age 62-70] between 2007 and 2015; that retirement will continue until the period 2028-2036.

Note the peak in Baby-Boom births was in 1964, which places the peak Social Security demand around 2026-2034.

Look at the way the year overlap.  Half the work life of the baby drought will be devoted to paying Social Security for the Baby-Boom generation.  But how will they expect to earn that money, and pay the debt-service on the National Debt?

In 2014 the interest alone was $430 Billion (roughly about twice what it had been in 1988).

In terms of actual births, 4.3 million births in 1957 and 1961 represent the maximum and correspond to the current rate – indicating a one to one ratio relative to those who will retire between 2019 and 2031.  But that ratio excludes all the others born in years other than 1957 & 1961.


If we look at the graph, those who retired prior to ‘75 were being supported by those born prior to 1934; those born in 1934 were retired by 1999 and supported by those born in 1955 – who will be retired by 2020.

Aside from the economics, America does not have soldiers.  Currently, the bulk of both male and female US population is between 49 and 58.

The numbers of those of  military age are dropping with the birthrate.  America cannot afford a war – in terms of active duty service personnel.  A war means taking people out of the economy, while building the National Debt – which means incurring debt while killing off those whose earnings are needed to pay both the existing liabilities and those associated with war.

To complicate things, the cost of oil is falling and thus the cost of gasoline, which will encourage increased gas usage, and accelerate the decline in American Reserves.  The United States started the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in 1975 as a response to the 1973-74 oil embargo.  in 2013, the USA had a 37 day reserve supply, based on 18.49 million barrels per day.  If it were effectively dry – which it will be in one or two decades – how long could America fight a war against the Islamic State and its vast oil reserves?

Shrinking resources, shrinking population – a Congress that is anti-immigration and exploring the defunding of Customs and Immigration Services … no Customs agent, means no imports and no business or tourist travel into the USA.

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" 2015/16 marks the beginning of the end for American power, and the beginning of the era when the Televangelists get the famed End-of-Days they have been pushing for the past 50-60 years.




Friday, November 14, 2014

REVEALED: Why GOP opposes Immigration

Consider the rationale behind an nation built on immigration being opposed to immigrants:

First: America has an aging population in which most of the adults are Baby-boomers.  1. These adults are retired, or will be eligible to retire (and collect Social Security) within the next decade. 2. Social Security is a pay-as-you-go system which depends on young workers, of which there are fewer every year, hence the next for immigrant workers.

Second: American Baby-boomers have amassed a lot of real assets – not monetary, but real property and a range of collectables (including art and antiques).  These assets will be inherited by those who compose the shrinking worker demographic.

Third:  Outsourcing to  3rd world countries continues the creation of capital by the top 1%, while removing the base for continued growth in America.  Immigrants would contribute to that growth, provide new sources of income and solidify the economic situation for those who will retire and inherit the assets of those who pass.

By removing the young, foreign, work force, the Republicans have ensured that the Social Security system will collapse, and therefore place the heirs in a position where they must dispose of real assets at discounted prices in order to survive.  The rich, having outsourced their capital base could then come in and buy the real propriety and collectibles at a significant discount.

Once the those assets have been gathered into the hands of the 1%, they can open the gates and return immigrants to the nation.  These new immigrants will then amass money and pay a premium for the real property and status item collectables.  As a result, no-work profits are made by the Republican minority engineering the scam, while sinking their supporters who blindly worked for their own self-destruction.


as seen from a long-term perspective.

DEATH OVER LIFE – America falls beginning in 2015. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Republicans want to “Fix Economy”

Stan Collender, executive vice president at Qorvis MSLGROUP, made this point about the GOP’s ability to use the country’s debt as an issue: “The deficit just doesn’t have the political cache it had before, because one, it’s falling, and two, it’s falling precipitously.

Thus we know that the Republican Party would be upset – If the deficit keeps falling, they cannot double and redouble the National Debit and continue to weaken America.

DEATH OVER LIFE says the Republican Party will be, and must be, voted into Senatorial power, and Congressional power must increase.  This does not mean having a majority, it only means having enough Tea Party loyalists to paralyze the nation.

Just 26 days to go, and the nation votes.

Think of the horrors they face – Gasoline prices have dropped from the $4.00 range to $3.00 … and the with it,  economy is growing.  The unemployment rate appears to have stabilized in the [near normal and ideal] 6% range, thus GOP politicians  must take economic issues off the table – removing them from focus, except, as they are doing with Emily Ann Cain, to promote issues like the Keystone pipeline which threatens the agricultural breadbasket of the nation and, if successful, will rupture and destroy the major American export product.

All they have is the discredited Birther nonsense which denounces someone for allegedly being Kenyan (code word for BLACK) and falsely labels him a socialist, yet is seen to actively promote the eligibility of a known and self acknowledged Canadian Citizens  and son of a Communist Socialist soldier.   Fortunately, the GOP leaders have long known they are best heard by those with negative IQ’s.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Observation For Book In Progress [11 August 2014]

How could such a hierarchical, despotic system arise from egalitarian hunter-gatherer societies? First, they must represent, or be a deity.  Technology and  geography come into mutual play:
When agriculture was on the rise and deserts or physical barriers existed in an all-encompassing form, the cost of escaping the authority of a King, pharaoh, or other divinely authorized ruler would be excessive – it becomes a cost-benefit analysis.  "The cost of leaving could basically lock individuals into despotism."
Equality becomes a hierarchy – political and or religious, depending on the pre-existing egalitarian structure being converted.
Societies in which everyone is more or less equal divide into classes based upon the survival and manipulative skills of individuals. Clear leaders emerge, and among those leaders, one emerges with relatively absolute power and authority to make and enforce decisions – a pragmatic reality.  Egalitarianism & hierarchy  interact with new individuals vying for the top position, or to have their point of view accepted.  In some cases, the goal is to oppose all plans which do not bestow upon them absolute power.
Leaders who lead, rather than impose viewpoints or absolute  control which is contrary to the will of their followers, hold their base – those who are contrarian cause defection.  It becomes hard for individuals to stop following the leader, when the numbers of follower surpasses some critical mass and traditional customs and methods kick in.  Add limited resources which circulate along a defined food chain, and the pattern of leadership is maintained.
In Merchant societies, as in hunter-gatherer groups, despotic  individuals will eventually drive away the productive members who have been denied a voice in the management system.  They simply gets up and leave – or are chased away, in the misguided belief that they are a threat to the group who can easily be replaced.  The Jews in the Spanish expulsion were an irreplacable merchant class; in Hitler’s Germany, they were the scientists who ultimately won the war for Hitler’s opponents.
For leadership to sustain, the benefit of leaving must not exceed the benefit of remaining.  America is falling apart because, like the Jews under the Spanish Inquisition, it has made it beneficial for Merchants to leave – America has gone so far as to actually pay, create financial incentives, for them to leave.  In 1492, the Ottoman Turks created incentives for the Jews to come to their territory, at the same time Spain was creating incentives to leave Spain.  The result: the Ottoman Empire prospered and Spain plunged into depression – a depression which it recovered from due exclusively from the Jewish Merchants who were associated with and funded Columbus and the New World explorations.
Historically, Jews stand for Moral, Intellectual, Cultural, and Religious Freedom – they are intellectuals who placed Scholarship above Profit, and went so far as to make it a cultural mandate by creating a tribal system in which one merchant tribe was specifically charged with supporting the tribe of scholars, while the other ten tribes functioned in a manner which encouraged improvement to the point of gaining permission to join the ruling thirteenth tribe and pass to the leadership-scholar-merchant class.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yet Another Tea Party Obama Issue

Effective 5 August 2014, it is obvious The Tea Party, and Ted Cruz, will need to scream liar liar pants on fire over the difference in claimed, or asserted age.

Given that they do have a consistent problem with reality and facts – why should this be different?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

@KyleKulinski outs self as anti-Semite Nazi.

SECULAR TALK broadcaster, Kyle Kulinski outs self as Nazi Supervisor and closet anti-Semitic when attempting to refute Bill Maher in broadcast entitled “Bill Maher Fellates Israeli Attacks On Gaza”

Short version: Israel always wins against Arabs because America and other nations give it money – but deny that money to Gaza Terrorists sworn to destroy Israel and all Jews around the world.  Note that it was Hitler who set the standard which Kyle both advocating and using to belittle Maher.

According to Kyle – if we want equality – we either stop funding Israel, or provide equal funds to Gaza Terrorist.

1. Cut funding – Israel is over run and all Jews there are killed (roughly 1.5 million).  Then, in accordance with their charter and Constitution, the Gaza terrorists and their buddies attack every nation where there are Jews and kill all remaining Jews (about 5 million).  Those who read the Koran know it also mandates the killing of Christians – Kyle is a devout Atheist so would support that too.

2. Fund the Gaza Terrorists - Israel is over run and all Jews there are killed (roughly 1.5 million).  Then, in accordance with their charter and Constitution, the Gaza terrorists and their buddies attack every nation where there are Jews and kill all remaining Jews (about 5 million).  Those who read the Koran know it also mandates the killing of Christians – Kyle is a devout Atheist so would support that too.

Gee that was easy, cut and paste the same outcome.

It is clear that @KyleKulinski should be @KyleKulinskiNazi.

Addressing statements in @KyleKulinskiNazi broadcast:

Interesting -- KYLE is arguing for more money and weapons for the Arabs in Gaza so they can fulfill their NAZI CONSTITUTION -- Pure Hitler -- kill the Jews is their charter.
Gee... and it is hope it works ... dad or uncle launches missiles kid dies. Kyle specifically argued that if you committed murder and hid behind your sister, brother or father and kept shooting at the cops, it's the cops fault if your sister, brother or father died in the exchange which killed you. Kyle's argument is that you can hide behind your sister and kill as many people as you want.
Funny -- Gaza is a coastal "nation" with great beaches ... if they didn't spend their time and money being Nazis, (OK Kyle would be unhappy but) They would have one of the more prosperous tourist nations on the planet ... they have the sun, beach and proximity to ancient Biblical sites and are on the Friggin' Mediterranean and get tourist ships from every prosperous nation in Europe (except Germany).
OH and according to Wikipedia -- Bill was wrong -- Arabs got six Nobel's
► Egyptian Nobel laureates (4 P)
► Palestinian Nobel laureates (1 P)
► Yemeni Nobel laureates (1 P)
As for Jews, Wiki states they got 28 times as many (170): "Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 850 individuals,[2] of whom at least 20% were Jews or of Jewish descent, although Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world's population,[3] (or 1 in every 500 people). Overall, Jews have won a total of 41% of all the Nobel Prizes in economics, 28% of medicine, 26% of Physics, 19% of Chemistry, 13% of Literature and 9% of all peace awards."
So 2% Jewish, vs 5% of the world Arab world population in region around Israel -- Islamic population? 23 percent of the total global population of 6.8 billion. So ten times as many Islamic -- they should have won ALL the Nobel Prizes and been owed an equal number more... instead, apparently by accident, they got SIX.

Bill Maher Fellates Israeli Attacks On Gaza

Monday, June 16, 2014

Lost a wedding ring, wedding band

Here's a query.
go bad to the NYC subway into Brooklyn, time: c.1969/70. ... on train going between Court Street and Coney Island ... lost at Court Street station... dropping on train as exiting, doors closed before realized.
a gold wedding band ... about a quarter inch wide, ... white gold "cuts" around the band.
Reward if returned ...
Ok, 45 years and probably long gone ... but stranger things have happened.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

God MUST exist–as a definition not a being.

I've mentioned this several times.
There is a difference between "GOD" and deities of mythical origins.
The "GOD" comes from the reality that: thousands of years ago humans realized you cannot get something from ABSOLUTE nothing; so, if there is something, it had to have an origin.
The rational problem that emerged is that of infinity -- there is always one more step, one more element or source, and you can never get to "ABSOLUTE nothing" ... thus the universe and existence was designated as a circle whose starting point is hidden in the line defining the circle.
But that still left the "ABSOLUTE nothing" from which the circle emerged --that was designated GOD ... or, as the ancient Egyptians stated it, "The self begotten beginning".
God exists because energy and matter exist.
The idea that there must be design or intent is inferred, but not at all necessary for the existence of God.
Basically, God does not need to know we exist or even care.
The rules of nature are such that they create and destroy many things -- none of which are "necessary".  Thus "divine retribution" is a given for all forms of matter (humanity, and life in general, being just a form of matter and energy with only the energy portion being the ultimate indestructible.).


It is a valid point.  I would take exception to some of Kyle's phrasing.
The argument is this: If I can talk you in to doing something, or express an opinion on something, it is equally valid if I say it, write it, or use money to express it.
Therefore, if I can "woo" a girl into bed, buy her candy/flower/jewelry/diner/drinks to get her to bed, then it follows that I can just hand her the money to achieve the same goal and objective (QED Prostitution is a date where the girl rather than a third party get the money).
Now the same argument goes down the line -- I can give the money to a third party -- a PAC or something -- therefore I can give it directly to the beneficiary of that third party function, with the same strings attached, or same objective in mind.
Money is speech and there is no rational justification to have a third party relay the message in some instances and not in others.  As with any law, the burden is on the legislature to establish an overwhelming social benefit in restricting speech (transfer of finances).  HUM!  Interesting idea -- if two parties are forbidden contact by the court, no money transfer (speech) is allowed.  Therefore, the Supreme Court ruling also forbids Alimony and child support where a protection or, or no contact order, exists.

Effectively, the child support orders and alimony are court ordered speech of a specific type and nature – equivalent to ordering someone to proclaim the validity of, and support for, an enemy government.

It will be fun to see how this plays out …

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pope Francis to Shun Popemobile on Mideast Trip: Vatican – because he read Saint Paul’s Joke

Because he read “Saint Paul’s Joke” – which is part of the official Vatican Archives -- Pope Francis I is going to Shun Popemobile on Mideast Trip.


The 900 year old St Malachy Prophecy said the Benedict was the last but one in the lines of popes.  Rome is to be destroyed in period of 112th Malachy Pope.

So … if you want to break the prophecy resign and the 112th Pope survives.  Or, the true 112th pope comes after him and Rome survives – the Vatican survives, and the religion survives.

If Francis IS the 112th pope, he is INVINCIBLE.  He must be alive when Rome is destroyed – or the Malachy prophecy is broken.  So, the worst thing that can happen, Francis is assassinated and the prophecy is broken.  But it all depends on whether of not Francis qualified as an ‘anti-pope’ … a pope who is not really official.  There have been several in history and they have not disrupted the Malachy list.

“Saint Paul’s Joke” – Francis must behave like Peter to be the Peter of the prophecy.  He must also die after Pope Benedict, or he could qualify as an anti-pope within the tradition of papal succession.   Thus, so long as Benedict lives, and Rome is not destroyed, Francis is INVINCIBLE.  He has no need for a popemobile.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Why Washington DC will fall

Death Over Life” is the choice of the destruction of Washington DC (possibly “Babylon the great city” in the Book of Revelation) and the continued survival of America as a great nation.

Those who read “Death Over Life” and/or “The Tea Party: America upended” know where the problem lies and what needs to be done before 2015 to prevent the prophecy from applying to America.

For the world – it really doesn’t matter … assuming, in economic terms, they position themselves properly.

America hates education – the Creationist movement proved that.

Monday, April 28, 2014

first solar eclipse of 2014

New report “the first solar eclipse of 2014. Solar eclipses occur when the moon passes between Earth and the sun.  Total eclipses, which produce the “diamond ring” effect, happen when the moon is closer to Earth and precisely covers the sun. For annular eclipses, the moon is a tiny bit further from earth, but still fits within the sun’s disc and has a skosh more room. Thus a “ring of fire” forms around moon’s silhouette.”

This is a non-central annular eclipse – and in the 5,000-year period from 2000 B.C. to 3000 AD, the earth only sees 68 non-central versions out of 3,956 annular eclipses.

Death Over Life” – aside from the Four Blood Moons which occur on Hebrew Holidays between April 2014 and September 2015, we now have a one in 58 occurrence of this type of eclipse … narrow it down to the number until 2100AD and we are looking at something closer to 1:56 … where 56 is an important astronomical number in terms of ancient Stonehenge and the Book of Genesis … as was explained in the book “Genesis of Genesis”.

Get ready to see “Saint Paul’s Joke” in action – The Vatican and Rome are coming into the sniper’s sights.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Gay Marriage or Same-Sex Marriage

Have you ever noticed, when speaking of Gay Marriage or Same-Sex Marriage the term “Gay” seems to apply only to male homosexuals?  The reference is to the LGBT community – indicating that there are three types of non-heterosexual, or non-birth-gender consistent, ways to be sexually identified: Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender.

"Saint Paul's Joke" points out that there is NO biblical basis for being anti-gay ... the only laws (Leviticus etc) involve males ... and then only when they are bi-sexual. There are NO laws dealing with females and therefore nothing against homosexuality.

So "abominations" are mentioned in New Testament texts, but they refer to Old Testament Laws, and also carry the admonition that, if you adopt any of the old laws you MUST adopt ALL of them. 
Jesus and Peter spoke to the circumcised Israelites & Hebrews, Paul spoke to the Gentiles. Paul mandated that new convert males be exempted from circumcision -- but also that they obey ALL the Laws.

Gentiles couldn't even criticize a Jew who disobeyed or ignored the laws -- unless they themselves obeyed all 613.  Of course, the ultimate form of criticism is anti-Semitism; among other things, among other specific teachings of Jesus, that means the Inquisition condemned all participants – as did the Holocaust and any neo-Nazis movements.

[Note the Vatican studied multiple pre-publication copies of "Saint Paul's Joke" for two months, they added them to archives and Pope decided he was better being a rich man on earth, so he planned his retirement; when book was published he announced it].

To assert a Religious basis for being anti-gay, or anti-gay marriage goes against the western Bible.  Those who subscribe to other religions have their own texts, and are strictly bound by those texts.  But, in the case of the Koran, the anti-Semitism also applies – to be anti-Semitic is to attack and possibly allow the killing of, a Jew for being a Jew.  Jesus, who in the Koran is Isa, was, is, and always will be, a Jew.  Thus, any anti-Semitism is actually an attempt to kill Jesus/Isa before he has the chance to come to power.

If we were to exclude Jesus from his Christian status and allow the status of Prophet, as granted by Islam, then Isa could be a separate entity and conform to the Hebrew Messiah.  But it remains that anti-Semitism, directed at the Hebrew community (some Arabs are also Semites), is still an attempt to kill the Messiah.  Which brings us back to the doctrine of Paul to the Gentiles:

At a time when even the Emperor of Rome publicly married a boy, Paul not only did NOT condemn it, he told his followers that, if they really needed sex, than they had to marry. Thus there is an argument that the New Testament mandates gay weddings if the gay cannot be celibate.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Japan Population projection supports book

Saint Paul's Joke said that  Judgment Day would fall between 2034 and 2064.

The problem is how you define it. 
Phrase I have often cited, "Half the people who ever lived are alive today" - means all the souls there ever were are here today - now think about it in this context:by 2060 the number of Japanese will have fallen from 127m to about 87m, of whom almost 40% will be 65 or older  (when the over 65 die: 87*.6= 52.2m vs 127m about half; Judgment day prophecy fulfilled)

 Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation - eBook gives the Book of Revelation data
Print edition will be live by April First.... don't be a fool -- read it!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


“Always play the other guy’s game – when they lose they have no right to complain.” – W. Lawrence Lipton, 1958

also phrased as:

“Always play by the other guy’s rules – you aren’t expected to win, and when they lose they can’t complain.”

“If you are knocked down, get up.  Then knock the other guy down and make sure he doesn’t get up.” – Bernard Lipton, 1926

Saturday, March 1, 2014

[thinking about] Biblical Prophecy

Newest book has gone live: 

Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era 

[print edition] $8.90


Biblical Prophecy [Kindle eBook edition] $3.99

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Tea Party: America Upended

Live on Amazon The Tea Party: America Upended

Valley of the other kings: Lost dynasty found in Egypt

Look at our timeline and these words from the referenced article: "in 1997, a Danish Egyptologist, Dr Kim Ryholt, deduced from a highly damaged ancient Egyptian papyrus, that a lost dynasty should theoretically have existed at Abydos between 1650 BC and 1600 BC - part of an era of political disunity known in Ancient Egyptian history as the Second Intermediate Period."

The timeline is part of the book GENESIS OF GENESIS  (Kindle & Print editions).
Note that the divided period in Egypt matches the period of Jacob & Joseph.  This is NOT coincidence, it is history.  The restored dynastic period is believed to have begun around the time the Biblical Joseph was born.  As an outsider, he fits the history of the restoration.  As the article tells us:
"n around 1550 BC, after at least 50 years of war, the southern kingdom defeated the foreign-originating dynasty in the north and succeeded in re-uniting Egypt. However the new archaeological discovery at Abydos now shows definitively that there was a previously unknown third state (the' Kingdom of Abydos'), ruled by the lost dynasty, which existed for a time between the native Egyptian south and the foreign-occupied north. It may have served as a sort of buffer state (controlling 100 to 150 mile stretch of the Nile Valley) - and its demise in around 1600 seems to roughly coincide with the beginning of the native South's struggle to liberate the North from foreign rule."