Sunday, September 22, 2013

Scythians Explained

In “Grandpa Was A Deity” and “Genesis of Genesis” we discussed the fact that the Scythians forbid pigs in their territory – a fact which later, via the Hyksos connection, became the basis for the Hebrew forbidding pork consumption.

Now, aside from the diseases contained in the meat, and saturated fat which clogs the arteries, we have a new reason for the prohibition -- porcine epidemic diarrhea virus  (PEDV), which appears to be spread by airborne contaminated feces facilitating the rapid dissemination of the disease.  Thus, we can assert the possibility that the Scythians recognized this reality, and therefore, as a protective measure, would exclude them from their territory.

Supposedly, PEDV was initially seen in Europe in the 1970s.  We note that PEDV is not zoonotic, meaning it has not yet "jumped species" to infect humans or other animals.  However, this does not mean a similar virus did not exist in the pre-Exodus Scythian era.

Never underestimate the extent of ancient knowledge – especially in the context of intervening cultures working hard to conceal, and the destroy, that knowledge.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why Germany?

Six hours sleep and a bit of a residual wine buzz can have the strangest effect. I'm not sure what the dream was about, but I drifted awake thinking of social security ... and with the horrifying idea that George W Bush might not have been as big an idiot as he actually is.

Social Security, as I taught my University students, was invented, or first implemented, in Germany. The Kaiser used it to create,a tax everyone would willingly pay ... it wasn't really an old age thing ... in the 1800s, and, in fact, even prior to the current century, the average person did not live past 40.

In 1980, if you were born in world war two, you had already outlived half the people born in the year you were born. A person born in the first year of the baby-boom generation (1945) would have outlived half of the people born in the year they were born. Thus, setting retirement at 65 was a scheme to defraud those would would be dead before that age ... which was easily 75% of the population.

The Germans came up with that reality...
"GENESIS of GENESIS" Gosseck Circle and Stonehenge ... Germany and England; printing, Germany and China; Socialism, Germany and Russia; brains, German Jews ... how many German plus connections are there? Could there have been a Roman Catholic domination of Europe without the Holy Roman Emperors of Germany?

Social Security? The money goes to fund the federal deficit, not the elderly. Privatize it and it's value rises with inflation ... and is separate from the budget deficit ... the national Ponzi scheme comes to an end... and the nation falls flat on its face. But, after the global economic collapse, the world economy is,stronger and more ideal.

I think I'll go back to sleep... post apocalyptic reality is something to discuss in the evening, not on is hours of wine shared sleep.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prophecy Update & Prophecy Answers

If you have interest in the true meaning of the Bible, and the meaning behind the prophecies – in terms of dating – you really need to read the books:

“Saint Paul’s Joke”


“Genesis of Genesis” 

It is said you will not know the time, but that is because the ancients knew that, when you are told, you would not pay attention.

Of course, the message will not be accompanied by great fanfare, or an intensive advertising campaigns.  The reason those who received the message of their ignorance would be ignorant?  It is simply that they will not accept anything which is simple and straight forward.  They need the hype.  They the charlatans promoting the ancient deities with a coat of new paint … the same thing, with different names.