Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More on Ergolding

This map shows the area associated with the R1b markers identified among the 670CE remains at Ergolding, Bavaria, Germany:

Checking the history reveals, around 830CE, this region was occupied by the Dames. This would agree with, and explain a match at the corrseponding latitude on the continent. This R1b is fringe Danish -- fringe Viking.

Therefore, DNA Spread Theory reveals that R1b entered the culture we know as Viking prior to the Danish Viking entering England.

By extension, If Haplogroups R1a and I were in Norway, and R1b is continental European -- with shared trade between Norway and Denmark during the pre-Christian and early Christian eras -- an amalgam of the two peoples would have formed under the umbrella of a common trade culture.

We therefore have a basis for the existence of the three haplogroups within the Viking clans. Those who we refer to as "Viking" emerged from an amalgam which created the unified culture which emerged from the seamen in Denmark. These than invaded England to form the district defined as DANELAW ( -- of which "East Anglia" ( the eastern most region.

Obviously, Spread Theory requires additional regional DNA from antiquity. Research -- such as National Geographic's Genographic Project -- which identify genetic components among modern populations, tell us where the bulk of a haplogroup has taken root and expanded. These studies do not identify any regional origin. We can make the argument for people remaining within 25 miles of their birthplace. However, we know there are major population shifts. Consider the Thirty Years War: Major populations moved because of warfare. Plagues decimate, or erase, whole genetic groups -- which are then replaced in a manner which does not reflect the original composition of a region. Hence there are clear limitations to studies of existing populations.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Indian Eclipse

IS THIS TRUE: "The probability for unrest or war to take place in years when a solar eclipse happens is 95 percent,"?????????????

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

R1b, R1a, Megaliths & other thoughts

Shawn Sinclair [Sinclair Open Forum] asked me a question about the interaction of R1b and R1a in terms of Megalitic construction. Being a bit of a windbag, I started on a long response of train-of-thought free associative typing-thinking-typing. The next three paragraphs represent that train:

“Megalithic construct is intensive in R1b regions. That would indicate the moving of stone and basic stonework would fall to them. The use of the stones for astrological purposes and the recording of those findings seem to belong to R1a.

“Obviously they had to travel together -- but the ancient DNA evidence isn't available to prove the extent of that travel. The work force issue also comes into play ... The Atlantic had the R1b work force ... but so did the Egyptians -- once the Pharaoh was sold on the idea of massive stone construction. Getting it down to the U106 level where a master engineer would travel with a couple of apprentices seems to be indicated. These would be accompanied by -- or would accompany -- a group with mathematical knowledge.

“We actually need more archaeologists interested in both astronomy and DNA -- the DNA focus seems like it will develop naturally, but the astronomy needs software ... something like google earth ... but with the ability to reveal cycles and alignments from a given latitude and longitude. Funny part ... with such software anything which is astrological in nature could be dated to the exact year the layout was designed -- and it could be done immediately in the field so that sated layers could be placed in an evidence of use context.”

In terms of DNA Spread Theory, the availability of the internet – and services like Google Earth – offer a real opportunity for us to understand the intellectual development of humanity. The above is obvious. But there is another aspect to be addressed – those who are opposed to education and the acquisition & preservation of knowledge. I’m going to pick on one group – granted we could point to the Taliban and Islamic groups who deny half their population an education, and so deny their culture the ability to peacefully prosper through the full utilization of intellectual resources. But I’m a westerner – so THE BOOK which the Islamics are supposed to revere is the heart of my tradition; and not one step removed – as it is from those whose Prophet mandated his followers be the soldiers and protectors of The Book and its people. I also happen to be one of “The People of The Book,” so have a personal interest in the obvious mutiny and disrespect for The Prophet displayed by the Taliban, Al Qaeda and so many Palestinian groups. That said ...

Those who use the Bible to justify ignorance should be made to recall the assignments of the tribes. One tribe was specifically assigned the responsibility to study and learn. To ensure that they would be able to do so, another tribe was assigned the obligation to support (and protect) the academics by providing all their earthly needs.

All too often we give inordinate amounts of space to those who challenge the evidence of this world and declare it false – declare it a lie – in effect, declare that the academic tribe was commanded to study a lie. Obviously, I’m referring to the Creationist ideology which is, and has for centuries, been no better than the Taliban or Al Qaeda. If there is the Hell of their beliefs, than those who align with such groups will enjoy spending eternity in each others company.

OK ... doing it again ... train-of-thought free associative typing. However, if you believe I’m being harsh toward American Right-Wing fundamentalists, I would point to a test I often cite in my newspaper column and editorials – When judging the overall morality of a position, ask which side proposes inflicting “The Most Harm to the Most People”? Example, Bush attacked Iraq killing tens of thousands of innocents, while publically declaring Al Qaeda and Ben Laden irrelevant in his “War on Terror” – followed by plunging America into the worst recession since the Great Depression. (FULL DISCLOSURE: In an October 2000 newspaper column, I invited those who wanted to destroy America to vote for Bush – specifically because I wanted to see if he would be a disastrous a president as I was projecting.) A second example: Universal medical care. We now spend twice, per capita, what every other industrialized nation spend on medical care – with worse results. If we copied their “socialized medicine” programs, we would cover the twice the number of people without any increase in total expenditures – a simple mathematical reality. We would also have a healthier, thus more productive, work force – which infers a larger economy and lower over all taxes to achieve the same cash infusion to government programs. “The Most Harm to the Most People” test mandates that Republicans Right-wing fundamentalists, like their Islamic Taliban kin, will oppose anything which suggests an overall benefit to society.

DNA Spread Theory linked to astronomy and typed human (or domesticated animal) remains would indicate who may have been responsible for laying the foundations of human knowledge. At the same time, we should make it a point to dispel our own invented myth about what people knew, and when they knew it. In that regard, The myth created by Washington Irving comes to mind: The idea that people, mostly Christians, believed the world was flat – it doesn’t hold water. We know the early Church relied heavily on Greek teaching; the Greeks had been working on determining the circumference of the earth for at least two hundred years before Christ ... and Church scribes made it a point to save that work. "How the Irish Saved History" is a book which focuses on Irish Monks in the Dark Ages, and their efforts to preserve for future generations that which had already been preserved for over a thousand years.

Nice thing about blogging ... one need not stay on topic ... only stay close to it ;-D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's in a Name? (Especially when the DNA don't match)

This has been an active few days – active enough to allow me to justify my normal book writing procrastination.

Let’s take on the guise of Dr. Watson – recalling “The Case of the Ergolding DNA”. Obviously, with regard to that matter, we have gone about as far as published research will allow. From here on out it would be all speculation. What we really need is some ancient DNA from England – as they say, The More The Merrier. Ideally from 52 degrees north latitude and all from the period prior to the Norman Conquest.

Why 52 North? Because that happens to be a Megalithic zone and connecting DNA to astro-archaeology is always fun – check what they did with the Goseck Circle and the R1a family from Eulau Germany. But I digress. Our objective would be to establish the period of R1b occupation in the region connected to the Bavarian R1b soldiers. As we lack any of the information we need, let’s head North to Scotland and turn our attention to something which popped up on our R1a1 Yahoo Group.

In the best Holmesian (?is that a word?) we’ll call this: The Case of the Gillespie with MacDonald DNA.

Clan MacDonald, or Clan Donald, are generally R1a1. Those in the region who carry the surname Gillespie are inclined to be R1b. Sop why do we have a Scots Gillespie who is R1a1?

My first inclination was the infamous Non-Parental Event (NPE) – usually taken to be a wife was cheating or a child unrecognized by its father. Naturally, it can also indicate something else I have first hand knowledge of – an adoption. These three things are the first to come to mind when a DNA mismatch indicates someone doesn’t belong where the records seem to indicate the do. But there is a reality to be dealt with – surnames cannot be trusted.

For me, seeing the name Gillespie did not generate the spark of recognition which screams SCOTLAND! Rather, it said Italian. But an Italian which could be traced to periods prior to Italy formally adopting generalized surname use? Added to which, the researcher would have mentioned an Italian population or connection. NO! This was pure Scottish.

OK. I went for the NPE – but being me, I didn’t believe me. I never believe me. I never believe me to such a degree that I taught my kids never to believe me – whenever they asked a question, I would give them the answer; then tell them to go into our library and look on a certain shelf to find the book that had the answer. Just to see if I was right. More important – to always do that (regardless of the initial source). It comes from being raised by a lawyer – who both knew the law and knew enough to check his knowledge and facts before arguing them before a judge.

In any event – I Googled GILLESPIE SCOTLAND and discovered a page on the origins of the Gillespie surname. Turns out it is derived from the term for a clerical scribe, or Bishop’s Lawyer. In the best of surname tradition, the name was an occupation, or title, which apparently was imposed one its bearer – or the bearers son – when either the English or Scots adopted surnames. It might also have been the designation in a Census, or simply – as with a Smith, Tailor, or Miller – the way, in terms of primary trade or occupation, the family was designated. And yes! It would be interesting to see how Gillespie became associated with Italian naming tradition (either as a first or last name) – could it be that they took the name from the Scots who went to the Papal Court? OK! That’s more speculation.

DNA SPREAD THEORY REQUIRES that all possible explanations be applied – ideally using Occam’s Razor: The simplest explanation is generally the most accurate one. But, as we are dealing with people, add to that the idea that the moral assumption is also probably the most accurate one – for the simple reason that all cultures and traditions tend to embody a moral warning to their people act in their personal self interest and treat others as they would, themselves, wish to be treated.

Monday, July 13, 2009

More Spread Theory Analysis for Ergolding Remains

Here's an interesting image of geography associated with the Ergolding remains. They were out of place in Bavaria, but would have been right at home in middle England ... in fact, the six point haplotype match appears as a straight line. (the out of place pin is Stonehenge, the heaviest consentration of monoloithic construction is in haplotype regions.)

Spread theory raises questions of historic association between a regional haplotype -- in this case, R1b -- and events or technology usage.

the following graphic shows a simple anaylsis based upon the haplogroups in which thegolding haplotype can be found and the history (available by Anglo-Saxon related headings on Wikipedia). Obviously a more in depth analysis would be necessary -- along with other research on a peer-review level.

Isotopic analysis of the Ergolding knights would be very important -- it could establish they were Saxon-Brits in the service of a Byzantine Dynasty.

The following is the overall database findings:

Note the Jewish elements -- Kurdish Iberian Sephardic and Ashkenazi.
In first centuries, to be Christian -- following teachings of Peter -- was to be Jewish first. We therefore have an interesting Spread Theory (Chiken and Egg style) Question: How did a segment of non-Middle Eastern DNA from Saxony-England become Jewish. Specifically, Kurdish and Sephardic -- it is known that Sephardic Jewish moved to Galicia Austria after the Spanish Inquisition evicted them from Spain in 1492 ... they also moved to Turkey.

Actually, that set of facts basically explains/answers the problem ... Spain/Iberia is associated with R1b. So Iberian/Sephardic would be a natural fit for a Peter style Jewish-Christian whose line remained Jewish. This also raises a question for another blog -- concerning Sephardi-Jewish origins

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ergolding (Bavaria, Germany c.670 CE)

DNA Spread Theory Analysis & Ergolding Cemetery DNA (dated 670 CE)
Based upon forensic research analysis as published in report entitled:
"Kinship and Y-Chromosome Analysis of 7th Century Human Remains: Novel DNA Extraction and Typing Procedure for Ancient Material"

Daniel Vanek, Lenka Saskova, Hubert Koch – Forensic DNA Service, Prague, Czech Republic – Bavarian State Department of Monuments and Sights, Regensburg, Germany

FORENSIC SCIENCE doi: 10.3325/cmj.2009.50.286

I've added data from one of the SINCLAIR Group Panels as comparison. It is noted that the tested data from the panel does not fully correspond to the tests performed by Vanek et al. However, for the purposes of current DNA Spread Theory analysis, a full sequence is not necessary. Early DNA based research papers – as published – focus on a limited number of loci. The 3,000 plus Haplotypes comprising my Database utilize these six loci: DYS19, DYS388, DYS390, DYS391, DYS392, DYS393. It is noted that – should researches continue their current trend of expanded reporting – future analysis will also utilize DYS389a,b and DYS385a,b.

In an ideal world, techniques will evolve to the point where remains can be tested for the full spectrum of NRY loci. As the title of the paper utilized here indicates, the necessary extraction techniques are still being developed and tested.

Looking to our first chart – locations of modern DNA groups common to both haplotypes_14_12_23_10_13_13 and _14_12_23_11_13_13. PDF: 5258 Nicholas II Royal Family shows _14_(-)_24_10_13_13 which is possible match to body 244D and indicates the possibility Czar Nicolas was related to the knights of Ergolding.

The period under Spread Theory examination is 670 CE – the Austrasia region of the Frankish Empire. In this period, the Franks were responsible for the protection of the Pope and therefore it would be natural for officers and knights (possible nobility) to be Franks. The DNA tells us they were Anglo-Saxon knights connected to Friesland. The population concentration in Britain indicates an early arrival date – in a position of power.

Following Spread Theory, we see from the next chart that one line became established in Norway and both lines became well established in the regions below the Black Sea. This would infer that the line engaged in the Crusades and remained within the region. The fact that there is also a clear Jewish connection associate with haplotype _14_12_23_10_13_13 indicates a possible early conversion – hypothetically concurrent with the Kazar conversion of the 8th century and probably following the same logic. The convert or family members – thus the Iberian line – would have moved to Spain. In 1492, the Jews were evicted from Spain and many went to the Ashkenazi community – which would explain that connection. Of course, there is need of specific family identification and genealogy. Ascent that, the expanded markers mentioned above would serve to strengthen, or fill-in, the spread pattern.

We should note that one significant test was missing in the examination of the Ergolding remains. As that test was outside the research parameters, this is not a criticism. It would have been helpful for future research to have the tested remains examined isotopically. Isotopes within the teeth and bone could establish where the knights were born and/or raised. With that knowledge, it would be possible to create an historically based hypothesis as to the events and role which brought them to be where they died.

Myth & spread theory

Myth & spread theory

DNA Spread Theory incorporates mythology as being indicative of a specific DNA related population at a specific point in their cultural evolution.

The Myths which resonate with unrelated populations will be adopted – either by direct copy, or translation and integration with the indigenous mythology. The basic elements of mythical explaination are consistent.

Note: This is the same process which is applied to the spread of language. It is the nature of spread theory to seek and apply a uniform conceptual process. The controlling rule is codified by the expression: “It’s all the same, just change the name.” (If applied to math or physics – as illustrated by the formulas for the orbit of an electron around its nucleus; the orbit of a planet around its sun; the orbit of solar systems within their galaxy – “It’s all the same, just change the name and order of magnitude of the related constant.” )

In terms of mythology, all stories are composed of twin elemets: 1. The symbolic or generalized element, and 2. The factual, or historic, characteristic.

An example from 20th century America would be comic book characters of SUPERMAN and BATMAN. If we consider comics as short mythologies, we see two common Classic Mythological beings in an allegorical setting.

SUPERMAN, the humanoid alien, represents the classic Greek divinity – generally all powerful, but with a fatal flaw which allows for weakness and death.

BATMAN, the heroic human, represents the classic Homeric Hero – totally human but with the backing of wealth, and devoted to achieving the necessary physical and mental discipline needed to combat the opposition.

Both figures reside in symbolic steel and concrete high-rise cities (Gotham and Metropolis – whose names are simply variation on large city).

When dealing with mythological elements, an important factor in the analysis is the actual meaning of the names, in the context of the original language and era, which the author applied to the characters. If you do not know the meaning of the name, critical elements of the story are lost. As a rule, the mythic name describes the established characteristic of the individual. While, in Myth, the name is given at birth, traditionally, people had multiple names – one with which they were addressed within the family, and others which they acquired during their lifetimes.

An example of naming practice can be seen with the American President Barack Obama. He has his birth name, but, for a time, was called by the nickname Barry; then, as a respected adult, it was Mr. Obama; and – as of January 2009 – it became Mr. President. Because we are living as the events occur, we do not think in terms of name changes as they might appear in ancient texts.

We do not think of the various names we each have carried, but which reveal who we are at various points in our lifetimes – hence, in terms of Spread Theory, how we would appear in historic records. In mythic terms, consider the name Moses – “drawn from the water”. It describes the infant and replaces any actual name. Christians speak of Christ – which simply means “anointed one” – a name bestowed on mutiple individuals in the time period, but which was eventually attached to a mythic symbolic figure whose characteristics emulate the existing deity of the cultures which adopted him. More accurately, an individual who, like Moses, was given the characteristics which were required when designating either a divinity, an originating leader.

All Mythology follows a formula construction which includes necessary descriptive elements – it is the elements which define the originating culture and DNA population. (For comparisons on Moses and Christ investigate the figures who were cast into, or draw from, water after a prophecy warns a ruler of the birth of a child who will supplant them. Look too to the Herculean Mythologies, the claim of the Egyptian Queen-Pharaoh Hatshepsut as the direct daughter of the Sun God (who visited her mother while the Pharaoh was away), Romulus & Remus, etc. Also examine the Cain & Able mythology in terms of Romulus and Remus, or, in general, the founding of ancient cities and cultures. The elements are shuffled to fit the times and needs of the people, but they are still the same "unchanged" generic mythologies.