Friday, November 14, 2014

REVEALED: Why GOP opposes Immigration

Consider the rationale behind an nation built on immigration being opposed to immigrants:

First: America has an aging population in which most of the adults are Baby-boomers.  1. These adults are retired, or will be eligible to retire (and collect Social Security) within the next decade. 2. Social Security is a pay-as-you-go system which depends on young workers, of which there are fewer every year, hence the next for immigrant workers.

Second: American Baby-boomers have amassed a lot of real assets – not monetary, but real property and a range of collectables (including art and antiques).  These assets will be inherited by those who compose the shrinking worker demographic.

Third:  Outsourcing to  3rd world countries continues the creation of capital by the top 1%, while removing the base for continued growth in America.  Immigrants would contribute to that growth, provide new sources of income and solidify the economic situation for those who will retire and inherit the assets of those who pass.

By removing the young, foreign, work force, the Republicans have ensured that the Social Security system will collapse, and therefore place the heirs in a position where they must dispose of real assets at discounted prices in order to survive.  The rich, having outsourced their capital base could then come in and buy the real propriety and collectibles at a significant discount.

Once the those assets have been gathered into the hands of the 1%, they can open the gates and return immigrants to the nation.  These new immigrants will then amass money and pay a premium for the real property and status item collectables.  As a result, no-work profits are made by the Republican minority engineering the scam, while sinking their supporters who blindly worked for their own self-destruction.


as seen from a long-term perspective.

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