Friday, June 26, 2009

Ennad Structure

Egyptian Ennad -- deities -- were nine and then became twelve
As revealed by DNA Spread Theory (as it relates to the mythology associated with a specific pair of Haplogroups, one of which is now defined by a specific Haplotype), this structure can be found defined in the Book of Genesis. Basically, it forms the framework for the structure of Genesis for the period from 3161 BCE to 1308 BCE.

Look at the illustration of Orsis, Maut and the nine sub-deities.
First: You have the primary character on a throne -- he doesn't count, he oversees all.
Second: You have Maut, justice, the scales upon which the sins added to the soul are compared to the weight of a feather. If the scale tilts, the soul is lost. This is the event.
Third: The nine deities of the Ennead. Later in Egyptian history these became twelve deities. (Think astronomy, planets, months, calendars. And don't forget the guys who made astrological circles possile -- who became, or gave birth to, the Chaldeans and Magi.)

The pattern is Event followed by NINE entities. Event followed by NINE entities plus conversion event followed by three entities for a total of TWELVE. The conversion event corresponds to the Egyptian Twelfth Dynasty -- or age of the HYKSOS (Shepherd Kings of Asia)

According to Josephus, the first century Jewish Historian, EBER is the origin of Hebrew and those who followed him are known as such (see Death order chart: After the defining transitional act in which Ishmael is Circumcised, ISAAC is first Hebrew.) Moses and the Exodus are the termination of the Ennad which, in Egypt, was marked by the monotheistic Armana Period.

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