Monday, November 30, 2009

Obama Turning Republican

OK so now our prez is going off the wall and becoming a Republican – you know the type … war at any cost.

We are going t0 have a major troop build up in Afghanistan – why?

The Republicans have issued the call for a Victory  in Afghanistan pledge from all its members.  Of course, nobody has any idea how to define “VICTORY” – so how the hell would anyone know when it has been achieved?

Think about it.  How would YOU define victory?  Stop terrorists?  No feasible – they are everywhere but Afghanistan.  Where are the suicide bombers?  Where are they killing people?  Who are they killing?  Certainly they haven’t attacked us in recent years – but they have killed Muslims  in Islamic nations.  Yet where are the Islamic armies?  Has any Islamic nation come forward to stop terrorists?  Or are they funding them to kill their own people, and their fellow religionists in neighboring nations?

Yep … more troops into a nation run by the Taliban … so the Taliban can continue to oppress the people of that nation and the people can blame the USA for allowing it to happen.  OR … pull troops out and get blamed for the Taliban taking over the killing and returning tom power.  NO WIN for USA … hence NO VICTORY POSSIBLE.


On the other hand, it is a good jobs program – if handled correctly.  And the demographic reality is, and has been, that, as of this year and for the next five years, we will need all the job programs we can get.  Then we will still have another fifteen years before stability is reestablished.   It’s call the baby boom retirement years – after decades of low birthrates and skimping on education to enrich the Ponzi scam types who own the Republican Party.

OK, so there is a practical basis for a troop buildup … it will pump money into the support sectors of the economy without killing too many of our children and grandchildren.

Hey DNA SPREAD THEORY – keep enough troops in Afghanistan, for a long enough time, and we will introduce a lot of not Islamic DNA into their gene pool … we did it in Vietnam, Germany, and Japan …


Enjoy the war.

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