Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chenchu & Vikings - Connected by Hebrews

The Chenchu are an Indian Caste with special temple privileges -- they also claim to be descendant from an incarnation of SHIVA. In brief, they are an old people ... and they are a tribe that lives, and always has lived, in the woods. They are "untouched primatives" and "very ancient".

The Vikings entered history when they "plundering of the monastery on the English island of Lindisfarne on June 8th, 793". That fact only dates when Charlemagne's Empire got a bit of "payback" -- which I'll not explain here, at this time (still compiling the cause and effect dates & data for Chapter X of my book, "Grandpa Was A Deity").

And everyone knows the Hebrews -- but few know that Josephus claimed they had originated in India. The following image is from my Research Database -- the "PAPER>" notation refers to DNA research papers whose supporting data I've correlated, sorted, and subjected to basic analysis by DYS markers Haplotype & controlling Haplogroup. This is from the R1a1 (R-M17) (Hg-3) (Eu19) data contained in some of those papers.

NOTICE: Seeking Research Data.

1. I'm seeking individuals (male or female) who are related to the TRAUPSIEL family (Known in USA as Simon, and possibly by other surnames if they survived the Holocaust) I need some family history -- and ideally the six-twelve yDNA markers commonly used in peer-review research.
2. I'm also seeking the same for the Livshitz family of Slutz.
3. I would also be interested in communicating with anyone who could trace their line to WAHL "the elected" who was King of Poland for a day (or possibly a week) back in the 1500's.

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  1. Bill, the 6 markers you use. Are they slow moving markers? Why not use more markers? Isn't that needed?