Tuesday, August 17, 2010

J2 Connection

Been a quiet summer of writing, research and more writing.

Did you know?  Where there is R1a1 there is J2?  The two genetic tribes travel together and have since the Aryan Wars (in Sanskrit, The Mahabharat War) .  Technically, if we need to establish a specific year, the Solar-Lunar eclipse pair from Julian year 3129 BC marks Mahabharat War.

Once established, the R1a1 Horseman and the J2 agriculturists joined forces to rule the Indian Peninsular as Brahmin.  They traveled north and west to enter history – eventually moving into Europe to be persecuted and driven north to join the those who would become Vikings.  Thence they headed south to be part of those who became  the Normans – and north again to rule England.

They have influenced our culture to an extent which few realize and most have worked hard to ignore – watching the process is like watching people ignore a pair of mating elephants in the middle of Times Square.

Ah YES!  There are fun things to discuss and write about …

guess I need to say: More to come.

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