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The Prime Ages of Life (Six by Six)

In The Old Testament – which Paul taught the “Faith & Grace” believers to ignore, declaring that, if they accepted even one element, they must accept all 613 laws and commandments – if you attack a pregnant woman, and cause her to lose the baby, you are guilty of murder.  You are not guilty, if you do not attack – inflict violence upon –  the woman.  Abortion is not a Biblical crime, and even if it was, as both St. Paul & St Peter agree, unless you follow all 613 laws (are Kosher and, if a male, circumcised) you are forbidden to invoke any Old Testaments Laws.

That said, let’s draw a parallel to the numbers in Genesis and the “PRIME” stages of life:

The ancients counted the year from the first day.
The day when you emerged from the womb,
you acquired your birthright and rights to life.
Your age connects you to Heaven, own it.

A. First Six Stages of Life:
  1 (0-1) First experience Life and Love
  3 (2-3) Learn to Observe and Listen, and use those skills to teach yourself to Walk & Talk.
  7 (6-7) Put your Observation and Listening skills to use and learn to learn what others seek to both teach and have you learn.
11 (10-11) Transition to teen years and introduction to adult responsibility.
13 (12-13) Transition to adulthood, puberty and sexual awareness through personal change.
17 (16-17) The years of maturity which demonstrate how you will handle the responsibilities of life.

B. Second Six Stages of Life:
19 (18-19) First experience of adulthood
21 (dbl prime - a multiple of two primes) Adulthood and a return to Observation, Listening and Learning on your own – with the assumption of personal responsibility for the rest of your life.
23 (22-23) Transition into, and experience with, the realities of adulthood.
29 (28-29) You’ve defined you path and must now approve, or implement, it.
31 (30-31) You’ve taken the first step toward true responsibility for the future.
37 (36-37) You are a leader and teacher – the future of society is defined by you.

C. Final Stages of Life:
41 (40-41) Professionally, you have achieved all you will within the career you began twenty years earlier.  What recognition you should have acquired, has been, or is clearly on the way to being, acquired. To many, in the vernacular, you are ‘middle age” – but in reality you are the a shepherd responsible for the younger flock and must learn to earn that role.  Your role splits between personal and social position and responsibility.
43 (42-43) The cycle of learning to Listen and Observe for the role of Statesmen, Parent-in-law,  and Grandparent.
47 (46-47) Aspect of Statesmanship, In-Law, Grandparent. 
53 (52-53)
59 (58-59)
61 (60-61) Prepare for retirement and possibly the addition of “Great” to the roles of Statesmen, Parent-in-law,  and Grandparent.

D. From here on out you are retired and beginning the cycle anew.
In these years you are the teacher to your grandchildren and, the recorder of the history you have seen, for the benefit of the generations to follow.  These are the ages of death, or the decision to die. 

67 (66-67) / 73 (72-73) / 79 (78-79) /

83 (82-83) / 89 (88-89) / 97 (96-97) ...

E. You are now a Centenarian and venerated for the years you have lived, regardless of how you lived them.  Physically and mentally, you are back to the first years of Life and once again, an observer learning anew.
101 (100-101) /  103 (102-103) /  107 (106-107) /

109 (108-109) / 113 (112-113) …

F. 127 (126-127) An age forbidden and unattainable to individuals, but which the last before the transition to the ages of Cultures and Societies.

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