Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Observations (not in “Grandpa was a Deity”, but will be in related book

Islam begins its Calendar in a year that was a DOUBLE Birthday of the World relative to: The Birth of Methuselah (symbolically links it to prevailing belief in Revelation of a Thousand Year Reign); The Birth of Joseph (The archetype Prophet of Egypt); the Birth of Miriam (emphasizing the Prophet’s concern for women, and the Prophetess of Israel).

Islam (622CE) is also keyed – both through the Hebrew and directly -- to the Babylonian Calendar.

Islam is keyed to the Exodus and the year in which Moses was Eighty (80).

Islam keyed – using the same Birthday of the World related determination – to the Greek Calendar, and, most curiously, to the beginning of the Mayan Fifth Epoch.

It is also, mathematically, possible to make a logical  connection between the year the Islamic Calendar begins and both Noah & Sarah.

There is also a Hindu Calendar connection to the Islamic Calendar which is derived from the information contained in “Grandpa was a Deity.”  This connection is necessitated because of the association to figures prominent in the Hebrew Genesis – who, themselves, are directly linked to the Math underlying the Hebrew Calendar.

MY THESIS:  ALL the prominent calendars of the ancient and modern world had a common origin.  This infers either those calendars were derived from a common design – a single calendar – or relied upon the same astronomical reference point.  Since these calendars emerged north of the Equator, that reference must be visible only in the northern hemisphere.

As I cite in “Grandpa was a Deity”, the Hg-R1a1 utilized “the Dog star” SIRIUS and Orion’s Belt for all of their astrological work.  Thus, it follows that there should be evidence that any culture which cannot be directly associated with Hg-R1a1 culture must have derived the connection independently – and then keyed their calendar to a date which specifically matched a Biblical Patriarch.

Raising the point:  What is so important?  What is so significant?  What is the astronomer’s link to those dates?  And why haven’t modern astronomers been able to identify it?

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