Friday, November 23, 2012

Pig vs Kosher

Dieneke’s Anthropology Blog came up with this PIG DNA study.  Now, if we place it into the context of “Grandpa Was A Deity” []

Near Eastern and European domestic pigs


Hebrews came from India (according to Josephus & DNA related to both Ashkenazi and  Brahmin leadership).  Pigs are domesticated in the Near East. 

Consider: “By 3,900 BC, however, virtually all domestic pigs in Europe possessed haplotypes  from an indigenous European domestication process (Larson et al. 2007a) only found in European wild boar.” 

In “Genesis of Genesis” [], we tracked the R1a1 population to Britain and into the dating structure of the first two books of the Bible.

Now, looking at the dietary laws, one must wonder how they determined that pork was poisonous – that the saturated fat clogged arteries and caused heart attacks?  Could they have simply made the link between pork and various diseases?  Could it be “cleanliness”?

There was something … but the one thing we can state for sure, those who founded our earliest deity legends – had their founding ancestor as a deity – we know they initiated the primal deity … we also know they were keenly aware of the effect of diseases and how to mitigate those effects.  The Middle Eastern and Europeans lacked that knowledge …  and given their continued love of pork, they still lack the basic health knowledge that allowed for the Black Plague.

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