Thursday, October 10, 2013

Studies Catch-up to “Grandpa Was A Deity”

according to a summary posted on Dieneke’ Anthropology Blog, it would appear that studies have caught up to data in Studies Catch-up to “Grandpa Was A Deity”.   The period designated BEC corresponds to the astronomical period (Stonehenge, the Pyramids, patriarchs in the Bible – Creation is 3762 BCE & Exodus 1314BCE)
If we look at this next image, we see that the Corded Ware Culture (CWC) corresponds to the post Stonehenge astrological circles described in Genesis of Genesis.
Focus on the CWC image below.  Note how it corresponds to the yDNA migration we established in Genesis of Genesis and Grandpa Was A Deity
The darkest, densest, Orange region corresponds to the origins of the Hebrews and the European Ashkenazi – but note how it carries into England and Stonehenge.  The CWC corresponds to yDNA R1a1.  We would need to move more eastward, and further back in time, before we would see the Indus Valley connection revealed.  The CWC is purely biblical and corresponds to the period from the Birth of Shem to that of Eber … then comes Peleg (who Josephus tells us came from India).   The CWC marks the post-pyramid age.

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