Monday, August 11, 2014

Observation For Book In Progress [11 August 2014]

How could such a hierarchical, despotic system arise from egalitarian hunter-gatherer societies? First, they must represent, or be a deity.  Technology and  geography come into mutual play:
When agriculture was on the rise and deserts or physical barriers existed in an all-encompassing form, the cost of escaping the authority of a King, pharaoh, or other divinely authorized ruler would be excessive – it becomes a cost-benefit analysis.  "The cost of leaving could basically lock individuals into despotism."
Equality becomes a hierarchy – political and or religious, depending on the pre-existing egalitarian structure being converted.
Societies in which everyone is more or less equal divide into classes based upon the survival and manipulative skills of individuals. Clear leaders emerge, and among those leaders, one emerges with relatively absolute power and authority to make and enforce decisions – a pragmatic reality.  Egalitarianism & hierarchy  interact with new individuals vying for the top position, or to have their point of view accepted.  In some cases, the goal is to oppose all plans which do not bestow upon them absolute power.
Leaders who lead, rather than impose viewpoints or absolute  control which is contrary to the will of their followers, hold their base – those who are contrarian cause defection.  It becomes hard for individuals to stop following the leader, when the numbers of follower surpasses some critical mass and traditional customs and methods kick in.  Add limited resources which circulate along a defined food chain, and the pattern of leadership is maintained.
In Merchant societies, as in hunter-gatherer groups, despotic  individuals will eventually drive away the productive members who have been denied a voice in the management system.  They simply gets up and leave – or are chased away, in the misguided belief that they are a threat to the group who can easily be replaced.  The Jews in the Spanish expulsion were an irreplacable merchant class; in Hitler’s Germany, they were the scientists who ultimately won the war for Hitler’s opponents.
For leadership to sustain, the benefit of leaving must not exceed the benefit of remaining.  America is falling apart because, like the Jews under the Spanish Inquisition, it has made it beneficial for Merchants to leave – America has gone so far as to actually pay, create financial incentives, for them to leave.  In 1492, the Ottoman Turks created incentives for the Jews to come to their territory, at the same time Spain was creating incentives to leave Spain.  The result: the Ottoman Empire prospered and Spain plunged into depression – a depression which it recovered from due exclusively from the Jewish Merchants who were associated with and funded Columbus and the New World explorations.
Historically, Jews stand for Moral, Intellectual, Cultural, and Religious Freedom – they are intellectuals who placed Scholarship above Profit, and went so far as to make it a cultural mandate by creating a tribal system in which one merchant tribe was specifically charged with supporting the tribe of scholars, while the other ten tribes functioned in a manner which encouraged improvement to the point of gaining permission to join the ruling thirteenth tribe and pass to the leadership-scholar-merchant class.

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