Wednesday, July 15, 2009

R1b, R1a, Megaliths & other thoughts

Shawn Sinclair [Sinclair Open Forum] asked me a question about the interaction of R1b and R1a in terms of Megalitic construction. Being a bit of a windbag, I started on a long response of train-of-thought free associative typing-thinking-typing. The next three paragraphs represent that train:

“Megalithic construct is intensive in R1b regions. That would indicate the moving of stone and basic stonework would fall to them. The use of the stones for astrological purposes and the recording of those findings seem to belong to R1a.

“Obviously they had to travel together -- but the ancient DNA evidence isn't available to prove the extent of that travel. The work force issue also comes into play ... The Atlantic had the R1b work force ... but so did the Egyptians -- once the Pharaoh was sold on the idea of massive stone construction. Getting it down to the U106 level where a master engineer would travel with a couple of apprentices seems to be indicated. These would be accompanied by -- or would accompany -- a group with mathematical knowledge.

“We actually need more archaeologists interested in both astronomy and DNA -- the DNA focus seems like it will develop naturally, but the astronomy needs software ... something like google earth ... but with the ability to reveal cycles and alignments from a given latitude and longitude. Funny part ... with such software anything which is astrological in nature could be dated to the exact year the layout was designed -- and it could be done immediately in the field so that sated layers could be placed in an evidence of use context.”

In terms of DNA Spread Theory, the availability of the internet – and services like Google Earth – offer a real opportunity for us to understand the intellectual development of humanity. The above is obvious. But there is another aspect to be addressed – those who are opposed to education and the acquisition & preservation of knowledge. I’m going to pick on one group – granted we could point to the Taliban and Islamic groups who deny half their population an education, and so deny their culture the ability to peacefully prosper through the full utilization of intellectual resources. But I’m a westerner – so THE BOOK which the Islamics are supposed to revere is the heart of my tradition; and not one step removed – as it is from those whose Prophet mandated his followers be the soldiers and protectors of The Book and its people. I also happen to be one of “The People of The Book,” so have a personal interest in the obvious mutiny and disrespect for The Prophet displayed by the Taliban, Al Qaeda and so many Palestinian groups. That said ...

Those who use the Bible to justify ignorance should be made to recall the assignments of the tribes. One tribe was specifically assigned the responsibility to study and learn. To ensure that they would be able to do so, another tribe was assigned the obligation to support (and protect) the academics by providing all their earthly needs.

All too often we give inordinate amounts of space to those who challenge the evidence of this world and declare it false – declare it a lie – in effect, declare that the academic tribe was commanded to study a lie. Obviously, I’m referring to the Creationist ideology which is, and has for centuries, been no better than the Taliban or Al Qaeda. If there is the Hell of their beliefs, than those who align with such groups will enjoy spending eternity in each others company.

OK ... doing it again ... train-of-thought free associative typing. However, if you believe I’m being harsh toward American Right-Wing fundamentalists, I would point to a test I often cite in my newspaper column and editorials – When judging the overall morality of a position, ask which side proposes inflicting “The Most Harm to the Most People”? Example, Bush attacked Iraq killing tens of thousands of innocents, while publically declaring Al Qaeda and Ben Laden irrelevant in his “War on Terror” – followed by plunging America into the worst recession since the Great Depression. (FULL DISCLOSURE: In an October 2000 newspaper column, I invited those who wanted to destroy America to vote for Bush – specifically because I wanted to see if he would be a disastrous a president as I was projecting.) A second example: Universal medical care. We now spend twice, per capita, what every other industrialized nation spend on medical care – with worse results. If we copied their “socialized medicine” programs, we would cover the twice the number of people without any increase in total expenditures – a simple mathematical reality. We would also have a healthier, thus more productive, work force – which infers a larger economy and lower over all taxes to achieve the same cash infusion to government programs. “The Most Harm to the Most People” test mandates that Republicans Right-wing fundamentalists, like their Islamic Taliban kin, will oppose anything which suggests an overall benefit to society.

DNA Spread Theory linked to astronomy and typed human (or domesticated animal) remains would indicate who may have been responsible for laying the foundations of human knowledge. At the same time, we should make it a point to dispel our own invented myth about what people knew, and when they knew it. In that regard, The myth created by Washington Irving comes to mind: The idea that people, mostly Christians, believed the world was flat – it doesn’t hold water. We know the early Church relied heavily on Greek teaching; the Greeks had been working on determining the circumference of the earth for at least two hundred years before Christ ... and Church scribes made it a point to save that work. "How the Irish Saved History" is a book which focuses on Irish Monks in the Dark Ages, and their efforts to preserve for future generations that which had already been preserved for over a thousand years.

Nice thing about blogging ... one need not stay on topic ... only stay close to it ;-D


  1. you 2 continue to spew your junk,, and that is what it is. In the mean time, we are making strides with our trees. I still have the email where Shawn says we are the 'wrong' Montgomerys. That the real ones are his cousins. that is so sick. you guys need to get some facts other than it is a proven fact you might be on the earth the same time as King Tut, Ugly dynasty, etc. the rest of us are real..what are you?


  2. the Montgomerys are long n strong as far as our DNA matching.. we don't have to say everyone 'mutates' about every 250 years...we don't. We also don't just take ..aleles..selectivly ..and create ourselves. One day your buddy with have to quit saying...oh this doesn't count, this one doesn't either. Here because these don't count...I'm kin to God!
    I would really like you/either of you/ to produce anykind of schooling you have in college, or for that matter , in that..instead of quoting this n that, and hoping to come in under the radar.

    In other some credentials...or at least an entire DNA strip...and the why you think you are Jesus, and we will quit laughing.

  3. I know you will take these post off. You can't say they are wrong, so you will just say ok well n taken off. What about Sven Jacob MOntgomerys DNA that didn't match what you wanted? You pulled it from the Montgomery project. You pulled it from everywhere. He is a real blue blood, but you can't stand it doesn't match the outcome you so want to show, instead of what is real!

  4. Gail, if that is your name, do not make such claims. Your Montgomery's come from a " Jewish " ancestry, a J2 Haplo.
    Gail, your poor attempt at ' knowing' history is amongst the frail. Your only ' claim' comes from a Jewish line.
    Sorry for your dissapointment.

    Shawn Sinclair.