Monday, July 13, 2009

More Spread Theory Analysis for Ergolding Remains

Here's an interesting image of geography associated with the Ergolding remains. They were out of place in Bavaria, but would have been right at home in middle England ... in fact, the six point haplotype match appears as a straight line. (the out of place pin is Stonehenge, the heaviest consentration of monoloithic construction is in haplotype regions.)

Spread theory raises questions of historic association between a regional haplotype -- in this case, R1b -- and events or technology usage.

the following graphic shows a simple anaylsis based upon the haplogroups in which thegolding haplotype can be found and the history (available by Anglo-Saxon related headings on Wikipedia). Obviously a more in depth analysis would be necessary -- along with other research on a peer-review level.

Isotopic analysis of the Ergolding knights would be very important -- it could establish they were Saxon-Brits in the service of a Byzantine Dynasty.

The following is the overall database findings:

Note the Jewish elements -- Kurdish Iberian Sephardic and Ashkenazi.
In first centuries, to be Christian -- following teachings of Peter -- was to be Jewish first. We therefore have an interesting Spread Theory (Chiken and Egg style) Question: How did a segment of non-Middle Eastern DNA from Saxony-England become Jewish. Specifically, Kurdish and Sephardic -- it is known that Sephardic Jewish moved to Galicia Austria after the Spanish Inquisition evicted them from Spain in 1492 ... they also moved to Turkey.

Actually, that set of facts basically explains/answers the problem ... Spain/Iberia is associated with R1b. So Iberian/Sephardic would be a natural fit for a Peter style Jewish-Christian whose line remained Jewish. This also raises a question for another blog -- concerning Sephardi-Jewish origins

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