Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Day, Another Bolg Radio podcast

This makes the second, with a third possible Blog Radio Podcast on Shawn Sinclair's "Hidden History Hour" podcast:

We did not reach the point of importance to Shawn and the Sinclair line -- that they are Hg-Rib, Viking, and Frankish troops of antiquity.

We have great antiquity bestowed by the power and luck of the Hg-R1a search for Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. The great antiquity of the quest for the gnostic, the quest for eternal knowledge, then power of the Aryas which the underlings of ignorance have long claimed as their own -- but which is never theirs.

Pity the ignorant. They shall argue their own case for oblivion.

Love and trust. Kindness to all. But when that kindness is rebuked. DESTRUCTION! It is the Scythian way. It is the Way of the Brahman and Buddhist. It is the way of the Biblical Christ in the texts before 70CE.

It is the ancient "magic" of justice to those for whom justice is denied.

Religion! READ YOUR TEXT! Read of the heart the love the devotion to saving the innocent. Read the Koran and take it to heart -- understand that the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hamas and all those who use the Koran for Jihad are heretics -- belong to the evil forces destined to die lonely deaths.

Random thoughts emerge from then studty nand understanding of how it all camne to be and what our goal realy is.

Consider a random pattern linked to a linear progression in time and space. Consider a Random pattern and define it as perfect intent masked by the apparent radom nature of events. CONSIDER. THINK. USE YOUR MIND and ingnor the mindless emotionality derived from rhetoric and irrationality.

Christ is Herakless.

Paul set a trap -- Law or faith and any part of the law requires it all ... Greeks and Jews gain salvation ... Jews because they adhere to the law, Greeks because they follow Herakles -- the deity that is born of God and woman and who, when killed, rose to be a deity. All others are too ignorant to understand and so are cursed by Paul.

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