Monday, August 17, 2009

Latest on Ergolding

Shawn Sinclair (Hidden History Hour) contacted the author of the Ergolding papaer and discovered a colleague had, in fact, done the isotopic analysis to confirm the three men -- dna indicated to be two brothers and cousin -- were raised in the same geographic location.

No doubt they were close family.

Now Shawn is tracking down that location; we expect it will procide information as to the Keep or Castle where they were raised - a fact which will reveal the specific nobility to whom they were related. (We know they were not peasant or serfs. Had they been they would not have had access to, or been buried with, their armor.)

It might not seem like much - but for that R1b line it is a major find which could lead to far reaching revelations regarding the period in which Islam was first emerging and the Christian Empires were dividing between East and West.

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