Saturday, April 16, 2011

Have you ever …

Every night, before I sleep, I lay in bed and read a little history.  Than, utilizing the dream cycle, my mind processes the new data and places it in the  context of that already acquired.  Sometimes the sleep is sound; sometimes it is fitful and I approach, or actually do, awake.

Last night I read a chapter from “The House of Wisdom”, and can safely say, my sleep pattern can be grouped with the latter.  Granted, I doubt it was the subject matter – rather, it was probably the combination of foods I had ingested which made me feel like I had been drinking.  Still, I awoke to see a pattern …

In following the R1a1 migration, we have followed a migration from east to west.  In the East, in India, among some Hindu, the Cow is held Sacred.  In the Middle East, from the dawn of agriculture to the notorious Biblical incident -- involving Aaron, Moses and that Golden Calf – the Cow, Calf or Bull were deemed to be Sacred.  In Greece, man emerges from the Bull and we have the Minotaur – which relates to the animal headed divine figures of Egypt.  Travel to the furthest geographic reaches of the period, to Iberia, and we find the classic Bull Fight – Man against Bull, Mortal against the Divine, the lower creature who emerged from the Sacred Bull, at war with the “Godhead.”

Spain, the furthest point in the spread of Islam during the Golden Age; the place where knowledge stops at the precise time it is expanding in the eastern regions.  It is the age of Translation and amplification in the Islamic east, and the age of emerging anti-Semitism in the Spanish and emerging Frankish west.

The is a flow and symmetry to the course of history, knowledge and cultural development.  Perversely, it is the uncultured nomadic Arab, enamored with the wisdom and scholarship of Persia and India, who balances, counteracts, the ignorance emerging in the west.  But that age of Arab enlightenment is short lived, and they fall back into their pattern of murder and mayhem.

In the tenth century, the Golden age crumbles, as a new age of Semitic scholarship arises in the Germanic city of Worms and spreads, is driven or propelled, eastward into what would be created as the Russian Pale – the ancient migration and trade zone of our R1a1 ancestors.

Patterns of knowledge and ignorance.

The uncultured and ignorant Arab persists in that role – those who claim Arab status, but do not fit that role, are really from other groups.  In the east, the Persian have been curators of knowledge for as long as there are records of such.  On the Mediterranean coast, those who claim to be “Palestinian Arab” are, based on yDNA, not “Arab” at all.  Those with ancient ties to the land of “Palestine” are, most likely, descendants of the Judean Tribes of Issachar and Zebulon – the symbiotic tribes of merchants and scholars, the developers and archivists of wisdom who, we are told, were established, over three thousand years ago, by a Biblical Moses.  If they honored themselves, rather than bowed to falsify of the murderous illiterates, these Palestinians would claim their rightful place as merchants and scholars – as many of their people have after venturing to those nations free of Arab domination and a culture based solely upon suicide generated mayhem.

Have you ever awoken to see a pattern?  Have you ever taken the time to think, to place things in context, rather than just accept the ignorance of “traditional” thought – the transient beliefs invoked by those seeking to dominant through the destruction of Humanity, and suppression of Wisdom … those whose guiding light is to bring the most harm to the most people … before it is realized that they offer nothing but death!?

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