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Lawrence Lipton (1898-1975)

As indicated in previous post, LIPTON is not an Esat-European surname.  It therefore is not the one which would appear on the Ship Passenger List for the asserted year of arrival (1903).  However, knowing that they are Ashkenazi and that Lipton was probably derived from the first three letters of the Russian name – it was not surprising to find the only passenger list match was for a family with the name Lipschitz.  Lipton is the traditional Americanization of the name Lipschitz (or its spelling variations).

The following chart demonstrates the comparison between the 1910 Census and the a 1903 Passenger List by which the arrival of Lawrence (Isadore in Census & Israel on Ship List) is documented to have been on 2 June 1903. 

(Capture) 1903  New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957

You will note that the estimated birth years for his sister “Esther/Esser and Lawrence (Isadore/Israel) agree – but, due to his 10 June birthday not having been reached, Harry/Pon varies by one year.  Rose’s (Rosa) birthday created a 2 year variance.

Exactly what the name “Pon” was supposed to represent, and how it became Harry, is a matter for his descendants to determine.  However, we can now state that Lawrence Lipton was born “Israel Lipschitz”,  in Lodz, Poland, in 1898; that, upon arrival, he was given the immigration name of “Isadore Lipton”, and that – when he became a writer – changed his name given name to “Lawrence”.

The full evidence from the Passenger List shows that Abraham Lipschitz -- residing in St. Louis, Missouri – was husband to Rose & father to Israel etal.

(SAMPLE)1903 ShipList_Lipschitz This evidence indicates that Lawrence Lipton and his son James Lipton are members of the illustrious Lipschitz line – the only exclusively Hebrew/Jewish surname -- which dates back, through a long line of intellectuals and Rabbis, to the famed tenth century scholar known as the RASHI. 

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