Thursday, September 1, 2011

Biblical Astronomy

Basically, why the Patriarchs have hundreds, to a thousand year lifespans?

Hey Stupid! It’s An Oral Book on Astronomy and related cycles.  Explains why Enoch – who “Walks with God” lives 365 years, and is Seventh Patriarch.


This chart is the Biblical Dates in Hebrew Calendar – It shows relationship between the Founding of Rome and the infamous Flood/Deluge.  It also shows that we are using the Hebrew Calendar – but so were the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Mayans.  In turn, the Hebrews were using the Hindu Calendar.

Face it – we all used the Hindu … the Aryan … the Hg-R1a1 discovery and technology.  As you will learn, when you get your copy of: “Grandpa Was A Deity”. 

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