Friday, September 23, 2011

Book of Genesis

With all the bible thumping, and bible related pages, isn’t amazing that nobody has actually published a tabulation of the dates/patriarchs in The Book of Genesis?  Not even Wikipedia has taken the trouble to produce such a document/image. 

Time to correct that:

Genesis for Wiki_20110923

Had someone done so, they would have recognized two or more of the facts now contained in my newest book, “Grandpa Was A Deity.”  (Available through Barnes & Noble, and in bookstores, on or about 1 December 2011 –in hardcover, paperback and for Kindle.)

Note that Hebrew Year 3762 was reset to serve as our year one; note that the traditional Roman Calendar dates both relate to the the birth of Shem’s son – the first born after the mythical flood – also note that the Chinese Calendar is related to Enoch.

I can, without fear or any rational dispute, associate the Book of Genesis to these calendars and two or more famous astrological sites of ancient antiquity – and do so in “Grandpa Was A Deity.”

This is the first step in presenting a “decoded” Book of Genesis – and full explanation both the facts and the mythology presented there … Information which forever changed society.  (The religious would say, Information which goes to explain why the Hebrews were deemed “The Chosen People”.)

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